I'm pleased to share that I've been awarded a Rhode Island State Council on the Arts scholarship to attend the 2017 Alliance of Artists Communities conference in Denver in October.  This scholarship is a great boost as my husband David and I look to formalize our habitual hosting of artists and scholars into a proper Artist Residency Program.    We've been operating ad hoc for several years out of our home in Providence, giving space, feedback, and excellent grilled food to wayfaring artists, but now we want to add some space and dig into a community even deeper. Participation in the AAC conference will fertilize our thinking.  Stay tuned for more adventures and musings. 

Bonky Dolls/Instant Opera Company pops up at the PVD Fringe July 29!!!

On Friday, July 29, at 8:45pm and 9:45pm,  Bonky Dolls and the Instant Opera Company will perform its premiere production, The Haunting of Buzzards Bay, as a pop-up performance in the Fringe PVD 2016 festival.  Built for the culture*park 13th Short Play Marathon in November 2015, The Haunting presents the story of a 19th century whaler returning years later to his beloved New Bedford to find it irrevocably altered.  The show features story and shadow puppetry from David Higgins, story and vocals by Vanessa Gilbert, musical direction/viola accompaniment by Jeremy Fortier and all-around great manipulation by Stuart Window. 
To see the show, gather at Grants Block in Providence (the corner of Westminster and Union Streets) at showtime, and a performer will conduct you to the adjacent, indoor, venue. 
For information about the rest of the wildly full Fringe PVD, visit their website, HERE

a still from the November showing of The Haunting of Buzzards Bay photo credit: Vana Dougias      

a still from the November showing of The Haunting of Buzzards Bay
photo credit: Vana Dougias



Open All Ports- February 25, 26, 27, 2016

2016 gets off to an exciting start! I am pleased to report that I will be presenting my paper, Cry You One: Participatory Possibilities through Strategic Siting at Connecticut College's 2016 Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology Symposium: Open All Ports.  The paper describes the New Orleans- based ArtSpot Productions/Mondo Bizarro performance Cry You One and tries to define the space that the work creates between the physical sites that they have performed on and the website that contains several short digital stories.  I'll be on a panel about space/access and couldn't be more thrilled.  

More about the symposium HERE

More about the performance Cry You One HERE

Some words about hospitality

I often expound on how theatre is a form of hospitality, and I just found an article, put together by the far-thinking Charlotte Meehan of Sleeping Weazel for Howlround on The Means of Production.  Even though the article is three years old and I no longer run a theatre company, I strongly believe that the foundation of performance practice is a form of hospitality, of invitation, whether you are inviting something new to come into the world in the form of a performance or you are inviting other people to share in something you have created. 

Please read: 

The Means of Production: Snapshots from the Field